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Round table discussion: Hearing our voices: Experiences of Asian Indian Psychologists

I co-presented at the American Psychological Association, Division 39, Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology, (April 2023), and am blown away by the amazing folks I met and my co-presenter. Through our presentation, giving voice to multiple beautiful journeys and holding a collective safe space for authentically naming the ripple effects of model minority stereotype, internalized messages around colorism, casteism, colonialism, and its ongoing influence on identity and identity expression felt vulnerable, empowering and connecting. I wanted to acknowledge the power of sharing, feeling heard, and hearing each other's lived experiences! I am in awe of the powerful narratives I witnessed and learned from, and how much power there is in naming the intersecting identities, social location and the isms in a collectively held safe space. I hope this journey continues to move towards naming vulnerability, feeling the exhaustion, and reparation and healing.


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