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More on inner dialogue!!

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

We often do not recognize the inner narrative that judges who we are and what we do from time to time. Some common themes that feel repetitive in our self-talk can increase our awareness of our inner critic and help with restructuring the rhetoric within us. #I- Inefficiency >>> Inquisitiveness-what can be done differently #N- Need for perfection >>> Navigation-what does the situation need from your skills set #N- Negating strengths >>> Notice-your strengths & areas of growth #E- Exhaustion >>> Effectiveness-Are your what & how skills effective in this situation #R- Relentlessness >>> Reaffirmation-You have done this before and will do it again #C- Chastisement >>> Compliments-You recognize what you have and are doing well #R- Repetitive rejection >>> Rationale-Things that went well and why, things that did not go well and why #I- Incivility >>> Improvements-what needs to be improved #T- Trap >>> Thoughtfulness-what you can and cannot do, seeking help #I- Intimidation >>> Inspiration-what/who inspires you #C- Condescension >>> Compassion-you have other aspects to who you are.


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