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Ignorance and myopic views: Lives of minority communities, including Asian Americans

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

I took a picture of this view as I was driving through the amazing light show and display at Shady Brook Farm, PA. This picture shows a red and a green section of decors and they look separate, showcased in different parts of the land. However, they are experiencing the same soil, and are nursed by the same Earth and breathe the same all pervasive air. So, if Asian American lives are lost, namely the Asian American women who were killed in the recent shooting, then all of us are affected and impacted. Why? We connect as a humanity, we breathe the same air, we tread on Mother Earth. To think that the Earth and its resources belong only to one individual or community --is part of the hate, resentment, and fear towards a particular individual or community that may not feel familiar. In solidarity with the Asian American women whose lives we have lost, and holding their families and support in our hearts.

**Picture taken at light show display at Shady Brook Farms, PA.**


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